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Monday, November 19, 2007

This article with due Credit to SiraSri

TEA Party is the new buzz word in America now. It's not trivial but 'T' stands for Telugu Desam Party, 'E' stands for Eenadu and 'A' for Andhra Jyothy. It's the opinion of multitudes that these three stand together all the while and the latter two write big about the first one. American Adhrites discuss about the three with the buzz word 'TEA' party.

"The communal abhorrence has started with the chauvinistic and self centered TEA. If there wasn't any impression of that sort among people about these three, things would have been different. The TEA is encouraging caste groupism in Andhra and among American Andhrites", says Venu, software professional who says that he has been receiving caste relating bigotry mails very often.

"If E and A have thrown cold water on YSR by playing the role of opposition party, Ring Road proposal was taken through the lands of Murali Mohan and Ramoji Rao. If Ring Road issue is made bad; Margadarsi was shown as fraud finance business group. If Gowru Venkata Reddy is shown bad in News Papers, Murali Mohan's properties were screwed. If Rajayya is shown as land mafia leader, Ramoji was projected as 'kabzaadaar' of land who added that to his Film City. Aren't these the examples of caste politics between two strong communities? But, mainly to say, mistake lies on the side of News Papers 'E' and 'A'. They are not playing their role as News Papers but acting as opposition parties. That's the reason for this cacophony", says an advocate.

"It is certain that 2009 assembly elections will raise huge uproar and attention from all corners. Will TDP take back its power? Will Congress retain its rule for another 5 years? Or any third party will emerge? All these are uncertain and too early to discuss. Many assumed that Chandrababu would sustain in 2004. But he lost incredibly. No one knows what happens. But what would be the plight of 'E' and 'A' if alternative News Papers see light those speak the voice of Congress? Why to spill hatred towards community by going biased on their own people? It would be good if 'E' and 'A' change their modus operandi", says Samyukta Devi, a business women.

"What Congress is doing is bad. It would have started its own News Papers to fight with 'E' and 'A'. Can they do that? It is not right to pull the legs of Margadarsi and Film City as Congress is being projected bad in News Papers", opines Kaasim, a taxi driver.

That's the voice of people about the TEA. The consequences and developments have to be witnessed only with time.

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